Katana – Deadly Sword for Battles and Martial Arts

Katana is a historical type of sword was an invention by the Japanese, which the Samurais used for feudal Japan. It’s associated with Samurai (a Japanese warrior) as their main weapon during wars. Katana considered to be one of the most deadly weapons used in Martial Arts because of its ability to kill in as simple as puncturing.

Unlike any other swords, Katana is very distinctive because it has this very long grip that both your hands can handle with a single-edge blade and squared or circular guard. It is also curved ad slender.

Katana was banned for decades in the past because of its life-threatening ability.


Battles’ and Wars’ Sword

Samurais are tough Japanese warriors that fought during feudal Japan period. Samurais go in a battle with the use of Katana or sometimes called as a “Samurai’s” sword. By just looking at its sharp edges, you can already tell that anything close to it will immediately put their lives to danger.

The first use of Katana was during the Kamakura period in the years 1185-1333. The rise of this Katana sword was for close-combat warfare. The fastest one to draw his sword has the advantage to kill the enemy first with just one stab. The design for the Katana changes in time because of the changes in their strategy to use the sword better.

The more varied is the Katana, the more it becomes deadly to anyone and because of this, it became banned to the public for years now though it still is very useful in battles. It has been known to be one of the finest weapons in wars that can kill fast.


A sword for Protection through Martial Arts

Though Katana is a very dangerous weapon, it has become a popular type of martial arts weapon. The objective of this is still for self-defense. One advantage of Katana over other martial arts weapons is that it can immediately harm and weaken the enemy by just simply stabbing him. Skills are required for you to be a master in using Katana weapon.

There are six easy steps to use the Katana. First of all, you need to know your art form that you’re most comfortable. The Katana very important because this will serve as your most dangerous move in a duel. Next is to find your Sensei or teacher that will train you properly on how to use the weapon. Part of the lesson is for you to understand the purpose of using the Katana as a weapon for defense and not offense. There is a psychological discipline entailed to you because you must be a responsible user of the sword.

There are a lot of classes that you can join for you to learn Martial arts using Katana. In fact, there are a lot of martial arts that use this type of weapon. These are the following:

  1. Iaijutsu – a combative quick-draw sword technique
  2. Battojutsu – it is part of the classical Ryu and integrated with Kenjutsu
  3. Kenjutsu – is the method of the sword
  4. Kendo – a descendant of Kenjutsu that is already modern Japanese Martial Art. This one has been popular all around the world
  5. Aikido – is the one that also considers the attacker – wherein as much as possible protect their attacker from injuries
  6. Ninjutsu – a strategy for guerilla warfare

These different types of martial arts use the same type of weapon – Katana, but in many different ways and objectives. Each of these martial arts is very useful in self-defense but not to the point of hurting or worse killing the enemy.

Katana is just a weapon to use as protection and not to produce bloodshed unlike its role during the Samurais of feudal Japan. The usage of a martial arts weapon as a killing tool is already unfavorable. A martial arts student should always put in mind that practicing the Katana weapon needs to have a presence of mind, and there is no goal of revenge.

Katana will remain one of the fatal weapons in the Martial Arts, but it will always be one of the most effective weapons to harm the opponent during an actual encounter for self-defense.

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